Video: How To Save Your Story Outline

Automatic saving and how to access your project later.

You don’t have to actively save your project. Beemgee saves your input automatically.

Each project has a unique URL link called a hash. Thanks to this technology, you don’t even need to register in order to open a FREE project and use the Beemgee web-app.

To return to your project at a later date you will need to open your URL link. You can secure your link by

  • bookmarking it in your browser or with a bookmarking service
  • manually copying the URL out of your browser and pasting it somewhere safe
  • recommended: click the share icon top right in the Beemgee web-app.
    Share/Save ButtonFrom there, click the COPY TO CLIPBOARD button to copy the link in order to paste it somewhere safe, or send yourself the link per e-mail. The e-mail will contain the link and the project name.

Important note: Avoid having one project open in several browser windows. Having several Beemgee project windows open may result in some of your input being overwritten.

Logged in to your PREMIUM account, click ALL STORIES under the heading PROJECT. This will show you all the projects associated with your account. The global menu is the burger icon top left next to the logo.

Global Menu Icon
Global Menu Icon

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