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Make Story-Planning Easier

Tell a better story. Develop plot and characters.

Arrange all the elements of your story with Beemgee.

Organise plots, develop characters, and pitch your story in Beemgee.

Create Your Plot Outline

  • More plot patterning with STORYLINES
  • More symbolism with MOTIFS
  • More meaning with ESSENCE
  • More symmetry with STRUCTURE MARKERS
  • More structure with HERO’S JOURNEY, PLOT BEATS, or STORY ANATOMY
  • Better writing with CAUTIONS
  • More focus on the audience with the audience’s emotional JOURNEY
  • Easier writing and less writer’s block with complete story outline TEXT DOCUMENTS

With Beemgee, you compose your PLOT carefully and consciously. Your narrative structure is clear and evident in the detailed outline of your story that Beemgee provides. You get a sharable project that you or collaborators may consult, as well as text exports for further use in writing software.

Create a plot event card

By enriching each plot event card with information – such as which characters take part, which storyline the event concerns, what is the essence of the scene, and much, much more – you gain a wall of cards that contain everything you need to know about each single plot event.

This is fully exportable as PDF or text file.

By sorting the events with drag and drop into the chronological order, and then into the narrative order in which you want to relate them, you make sure your narrative makes sense if you decide to tell the story with a complex time structure – or even backwards!

Enrich plot event cards

By setting the structural markers you determine narrative structure with any segmentation you like, such as acts or chapters. Collapse the sidebar and the tool bar for an uncluttered “wall”. Step back from the wall by zooming out, get closer by zooming in.

To check the dispersal of elements in your plot such as motifs or characters, use the highlight function.

To isolate for instance particular storylines or character appearances in your narrative in order to work on these individually, use the filter function.

Use one or more of the integrated story paradigms such as the Hero’s Journey (modern and classic) to check that your narrative adheres to the pattern. Or use Beemgee to create a beat sheet. You can hide plot attributes you don’t use in order to de-clutter your sidebar.

Plot functions overview

To get a complete scene by scene summary of your story, add descriptions of each plot event in whole sentences in the present tense. You’ll work on these as complete copy text in the Step Outline section.

Add descriptions to the plot events


Develop Your Characters

  • More powerful plots with character WANTS and motivations
  • More depth with character NEEDS and development
  • More surprises with character inherent plot DEVICES
  • More focus on the AUDIENCE with a step back from each character
  • More conflict with the trait by trait character comparison OVERVIEW
  • More detail with CHARACTERISATION

Create a strong ensemble of differently motivated characters and develop each main character in depth and detail. Create as many characters as you need. We recommend you start with at least four.

Create character cards

Know all the attributes and motivations of your CHARACTERS with absolute clarity, at far greater depth than merely their wants and needs or their backgrounds or appearance. Understand exactly what drives them and how their actions determine the plot and feed into the story’s themes.

Character Developer

Your concise answers to dramaturgically vital questions will help you sharpen your characters. You’ll discover the plot, determine the characters’ relationships to each other, decide to use particular plot devices (such as character wish or secret), and much, much more. 

Increase your knowledge of storytelling craft by activating the context sensitive help tab anywhere in the tool under the |?|. If you want background detail to particular aspects of story development, just click the “more about …” button.

In-app help tab and more about button

Many of the character attributes are essential for figuring out the role of the character in the story. You can also work on characterization.

Character attribute overview

Heighten contrast between the characters as potential for conflict. When you know some of the most important traits of your main characters, compare these attribute by attribute in the overview to make sure they are distinct per character.

Editing attributes in the overview

The detailed character sheets that emerge are a perfect guide for you when writing your story and can aid you whenever you’re stuck. Or send the sheets to collaborators. They convey with unmatched concision how your narrative works. For industry professionals, a glance at the sheet of your protagonist will provide greater insight into the story than a page of plot summary. That’s why you can export these sheets as PDFs. The character sheets are invaluable parts of any proposal or series bible.

Character sheet view


Pitch Your Story Professionally

  • More unity with THEME
  • More drive with McGUFFIN
  • More clarity with LOGLINE, SYNOPSIS, and BLURB
  • Better comparability with GENRE, SETTING, and SIMILAR TOO …
  • Clearer concepts with dramaturgical character sheet PDF PRINT OUTS

A treatment, in fact a full step outline, emerges automatically when you describe your scenes in the PLOT section. Edit the text here before exporting.

The complete narrative as copy text

Get the complete picture of your story by turning on the detail view in the step outline section. See all the relevant plot information in an overview.

Step Outline detail view

Establish vital story information such as your theme or the central conflict, define the story fully with setting and period, draft the synopsis, blurb, and logline …

Story Information: Logline

… and provide other information such as target audience and genre.

Present the information you need in your step outline.

Use the tool-set to communicate the most important attributes of your story to industry professionals such as editors and publishers or producers and directors. PITCH your story with greater precision than ever before.

Step Outline overview

Export your story with various degrees of detail in two different formats.

Export pdf or rtf files

Develop as many projects as you like, create versions (or drafts) of your projects, and set the permission level of a project before sharing.

Overview all stories

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