Our mission is to help authors and storytellers write better stories by providing professional tools to support character development and plot composition. Read more below or make a selection from the QuickMenu.

Write better stories!

Motivated characters ⇒ a compelling plot structure ⇒ emotional engagement ⇒ a wider audience.

That’s why story development is such an important process.

You’re an author

It’s probably natural for you to use a word processor to write. Now you’ve found a digital tool specifically designed to help you develop your material.

Story Development

Beemgee is where you structure your narrative and compose your story. It is a comprehensive toolkit for narrative structure, perfect for fiction and also memoirs or even narrative documentary. With Beemgee you outline compelling plots and create memorable characters.

Beemgee is not a text editor or writing app – authors type their stories elsewhere. Beemgee focuses on dramaturgy and composition and is designed to let you get to grips with everything from subplots to character transformation, from logline to step outline.

Beemgee_onsite_tips_adviceStorytelling craft

Discreet in-app dramaturgical advice at every stage of the outlining process helps you see your story in depth and detail. Just click the | ? | button.

Pre-writing or re-writing – Beemgee is a tool for “plotters” and “pantsers”. Some authors use Beemgee to plan their work before writing, others to get their story drafts into shape. Whatever kind of writer you are, Beemgee can help you make your story emotionally more engaging.

Online and offline

Beemgee is browser-based. Use any device, even offline – Beemgee syncs your content automatically. Compose your stories anywhere, anytime. It’s easy and fun.

We are continually updating the software, adding functions and improving usability. Since the tool is web-based, you don’t need to install any updates in order to benefit from them.

Using Beemgee

The standard functions of our storytelling tool are free. You don’t even need to register to use it, you just TRY FOR FREE.

If you sign up for a PREMIUM account, you can save as many projects as you like and you benefit from a host of special features and functions that will help you make your stories even better.

In our Beemgee blog you’ll find a lot of articles on structure in storytelling and narrative that relate directly to the functions and features of our author tool. Beyond that our blog provides insight into the world of dramaturgy and storytelling. Please subscribe if you’re interested in how to create emotionally engaging stories.

Beemgee – it’s your story.

Beemgee is an independent registered company based in Berlin, Germany. Our team comprises international experts from publishing and film as well as techies and programmers.

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