At Beemgee, our mission is to enable people everywhere to tell better stories. Whether writing for stage, page or screen, our tools help authors – professional or aspiring – to shape compelling narratives with structured plots and engaging characters. Read more below or make a selection from the QuickMenu.

Having trouble getting your story into shape?

You’re an author.

You want to write better stories. So you craft your stories, forming the raw material of your ideas into a narrative.

As an author, your initial problem is always the statics in the architecture of your story. Only when the narrative structure is sound will the story stand solidly – and only then will your audience want to live in your story world.

But designing a plot that grips the audience, sending them on an emotional journey, and developing engaging fictional characters that seem real is a difficult, time-consuming and hugely complex creative process.

The Beemgee author tool helps you get to grips with your material and form it into a story. It guides you without being prescriptive and allows you to create a beautiful and accessible outline of your narrative structure. It not only gives you the best character sheets to consult when crafting the plot, it also gets you to hone your pitch to a T.

Authors are Storytellers first, Writers Second

As an author, you need to compose a strong story in order to write a novel or screenplay that wins over the audience to love your work. Motivated characters lead to compelling plot structure, which enables the emotional engagement of the audience, which means the audience grows.

The Beemgee CHARACTER developer asks you the questions you need to answer about your characters so that they will be the driving force of your plot. The resulting character sheets are the best guides for your plotting. The comparison view allows you to check for contrast and potential conflict between the characters at the level of each single attribute.

Beemgee gives you the space to note scene ideas on cards and order them in the chronological as well as the narrative timeline. The PLOT tool further allows you to note for each scene per scene:

You can also add structure markers to the narrative timeline, defining the type of marker (for example act or chapter breaks) yourself. In the attribute modus, you can even create new or overwrite existing tags if you prefer your own terminology or want to check your story against paradigms like the hero’s journey or Save The Cat.

Adding all this information to each scene card means that you can highlight and filter according to any of your inputs, including any combination, for instance to highlight the cards that feature a particular character or to show a particular storyline.

The STEP OUTLINE section asks you the big questions about your work, such as its theme or central conflict. Above all, this section shows you the complete scene by scene description of your plot and allows you to edit it as copy text, the basis for a treatment you can send an editor – if you like directly as a Beemgee project PDF.

Working with the Beemgee Author Tool

Beginners often lack the craft to compose strong stories, whereas experienced in-demand authors often lack the time.

With Beemgee, newbies compose more compelling stories, and professional authors develop their material more efficiently.

Beemgee achieves this by focusing on character motivations and narrative structure, providing a clean and clutter-free environment to be creative and at the same time maintain a clear overview of all aspects of the story outline.

For anyone learning the craft of writing and storytelling, the Beemgee author tool allows learning by doing. Unlike handbooks, with Beemgee you apply what you learn to your own material as you learn it.

For experienced authors, the tool provides an efficient and effective systematic repository of your story before you’ve written it.

The point of Beemgee

Beemgee was developed by experts from the fields of publishing and film, designed by an award-winning UX (user experience) agency, and programmed by a team of dedicated specialists. Beemgee is non-corporate, financed by the founders and business angels.

Beemgee is an internationally recognized toolset for authors and anyone dealing professionally with stories. Whether for page, stage or screen, established or aspiring, if you’re working on a story, you need to know about how Beemgee can help you.

Why? Because Beemgee provides tools that help authors compose better stories. The tools work because they focus on character motivations and narrative structure in the plot.

The result is that the author has a deeper understanding of the story material, has formed the content and brought it into shape, and is therefore able to write it down with greater clarity and precision.

Compose and outline your stories consciously with Beemgee. It’s a revelation. It’s your story.

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