We envision a world in which anyone and everyone can conceive and compose emotionally effective stories. Our tools help all authors, established or aspiring, to develop stories for stage, page or screen. Beemgee enables people and companies to develop narratives that spellbind the audience.

For advanced story development.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that helped you form your plot and character ideas into a coherent story? Well, now you do.

The professional Beemgee story development tool helps you author novels, screenplays, drama, or even narrative video games.

Creating characters with depth and plots that are emotionally spellbinding for the audience is a time-consuming and complex process. Wants and needs, narrative structure, theme and conflict – crafting all these components into a story is the storyteller’s art. Just as you use a text-editor to write the words, use Beemgee to form the material – either before, during or after writing the first draft.

Unlike other tools for authors, Beemgee is not about writing and formatting words on a page. Instead, Beemgee will help you organise the creative ideas in your head and develop them into narratives, thus saving you rewrites later. Whether you write for stage, page or screen, Beemgee will help you become a better storyteller.

Get your story into shape. 

Motivated characters and compelling plot structure lead to the emotional engagement of the audience.

  • With the Beemgee CHARACTER developer you develop characters that will be the driving force of your plot. The resulting character sheets are dramaturgical guides for your plotting. Check for contrast and potential conflict between the characters at the level of each single attribute.
  • In the PLOT-outliner, you organise cards that stand for plot events on a timeline or a cork board. You arrange the events into the chronological as well as the narrative order. You enrich these plot event cards by assigning additional details about, for instance, the characters that take part in each event, storylines, recurring motifs, point of view, or the essence of this scene. FILTER selected cards to isolate, for example, a single storyline. You can also set markers for act or chapter structure. Export a treatment or manuscript document that contains your entire outline.
  • In the pitch section we call STEP OUTLINE, you deal with the big questions about your story, such as its theme or central conflict. This is also the space where you work on your logline, synopsis and blurb, and define the genre and target audience of your story. Above all, this section contains the complete scene by scene description of your plot and allows you to edit it as copy text, the basis for a treatment you can send to a publisher or producer – if you like directly as a Beemgee project or as a PDF.

Next to the highly useful character sheets, the result of working with Beemgee is a full treatment you can send to industry professionals, as well as a manuscript text document which contains all your scene details. You’re ready to write and sell your story.

Working with the Beemgee Author Tool

Authors use Beemgee to compose more compelling stories and develop their material more efficiently.

The tool helps authors to focus on character motivations and narrative structure. Its clean and clutter-free design enhances creativity and at the same time helps authors maintain a clear overview of all aspects of the story outline. The tool is an efficient and effective systematic repository of your story.

For anyone learning the craft of writing and storytelling, the Beemgee author tool fosters learning by doing. Unlike with how-to books, with Beemgee you apply what you learn as you learn it to your own material, so it is practical rather than theoretical.

Beemgee was developed by experts from the fields of publishing and film, designed by an award-winning UX (user experience) agency, and programmed by a team of dedicated specialists. Beemgee is non-corporate, financed by the founders and business angels.

Beemgee is an internationally recognized toolset for authors and anyone dealing professionally with stories. Whether for page, stage or screen, established or aspiring, with Beemgee the author has a deeper understanding of the story material, has formed the content and brought it into shape, and is therefore able to write the story with greater clarity and awareness.


Compose and outline your stories consciously with Beemgee. It’s a revelation. It’s your story.

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