Writing and Storytelling

At Beemgee, our mission is to enable people everywhere to tell better stories. Whether writing for stage, page or screen, our tools help authors – professional or aspiring – to shape compelling narratives with structured plots and engaging characters. Read more below or make a selection from the QuickMenu.

What do storytellers need?

If you are a fiction author – established or aspiring, for stage, page or screen –, you probably spend a great deal of time thinking about your characters and working out the details of your plot.

After all, authors must master two equally important creative processes:

  • Writing – finding the right words to formulate what you want to express. Whatever you call it – for instance style or voice – it has to do with language.
  • Storytelling – constructing coherent narratives that affect the readers or audience emotionally. Whatever you call it – outlining, plotting, story development, dramaturgy – it has to do with structure.

So, apart from language, stories have plots and characters. Creating plots and characters is a craft.
A craft is learnable. Beemgee concentrates on storytelling – on structuring narratives and developing characters.

Because without a strong plot driven by fascinating characters, even the best writing can’t save the story.

Motivated characters lead to compelling plot structure.
A strong plot creates emotional engagement in the audience.
A satisfied audience spreads the word, creating a wider audience.

That’s why story development is such an important process.

You’re an author

It’s probably natural for you to use a word processor to write. Now you’ve found a digital tool specifically designed to help you develop your material.

Story Development

Beemgee is where you structure your narrative and compose your story. It is a comprehensive toolkit for narrative structure, perfect for fiction and also memoirs or even narrative documentary. With Beemgee you outline compelling plots and create memorable characters.

Beemgee is not a text editor or writing app – authors type their stories elsewhere. Beemgee focuses on dramaturgy and composition and is designed to let you get to grips with everything from subplots to character transformation, from logline to step outline.

Beemgee is dedicated to storytelling – more specifically, to outlining

There is a craft to storytelling. Much of that craft has to do with the structure of the story being told, the construction of its narrative. Many authors plan this construction first, before filling the first page with text. The process of planning how the story works is known as outlining.

There are significant benefits to outlining. For one thing, going through this process usually entails fewer rewrites later. When the author knows the direction of the storyline(s), it is easier to keep all the threads under control while writing. Without this direction, there is a danger of losing the plot half way through.

You can use Beemgee to structure new stories that you are conceiving – to outline them before writing them. Or Beemgee can be used to analyse the structure of written stories, for instance to improve early drafts.

Academics and narratologists use the tool to comparatively analyse the narrative structure of films or novels.

Beemgee helps you develop your characters

Stories have characters. All of them do. Authors devise characters, just like they devise plots. Often, the act of composing a story cannot be easily separated into devising plot and developing characters. Indeed, why would any author want to? Characters arise out of plot ideas as much as plot ideas arise out of characters.

Our Character-Builder is designed to help you determine the narrative function of the characters in your story. By honing or sharpening the essential dramatic purpose of the major characters, an author is at the same time honing and sharpening the plot.

Beemgee helps to communicate meaning

The meaning of a story is released by the combination of the story’s elements: characters, plot, and language. The entirety of a story is a vehicle for meaning.

Beemgee_onsite_tips_adviceBeemgee can help an author communicate meaning. Context-sensitive advice is available anywhere in the tool under the | ? | button. This in-app help contains techniques that make meaning clear to the audience or reader. Beemgee will point them out to you, without ever being prescriptive.

The Beemgee blog

In our Beemgee blog you’ll find a lot of articles on structure in storytelling and narrative that relate directly to the functions and features of our author tool. Beyond that, our blog provides insight into the world of storytelling and plenty of advice about how to create emotionally engaging stories.

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