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We envision a world in which anyone and everyone can conceive and compose emotionally effective stories. Our tools help all authors, established or aspiring, to develop stories for stage, page or screen. Beemgee enables people and companies to develop narratives that spellbind the audience.

Who is Beemgee?

Beemgee is an independent registered company based in Berlin, Germany. Our team comprises international experts from publishing and film as well as techies and programmers.

Beemgee enables people and companies to develop narratives that spellbind the audience.

The founders Olaf Bryan Wielk and Robert Becker have been working on Beemgee since 2014. Right from its earliest conception, film editor Amos Ponger was involved. By the time the company was officially founded (without even so much as a product!) in May 2015, Samir Rachidi had joined the team as Chief Developer.


IT expert Robert Becker ran his own web agency plus B for over ten years, building websites and software, before co-founding Beemgee.




Publishing professional Olaf Bryan Wielk worked for top German book publishers Rowohlt and Carlsen for many years before co-founding Beemgee.




Amos Ponger is story consultant and award-winning documentary film editor. He has been involved with Beemgee from the very beginning. 



Samir sw

Chief Developer Samir Rachidi has worked his magic on many a website. His insight and care make Beemgee stable and safe. 




UX-Designer Martin Jablonski-Zimare is joint head of the agency Ideenmanufaktur. Thanks to him, Beemgee is clutter free and easy to use.




On the Advisory Board, Dr. Carsten Linz




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