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Film Story Development & Developmental Editing

Beemgee is proud to be collaborating with Mrs. Wulf

Mrs. Wulf is a story development and editing consultancy team based in Tel Aviv and Berlin and operating ONLINE all over the world. The team comprises award winning consulting filmmakers.

In cooperation with Beemgee, Mrs. Wulf offers different development consultancy solutions suited for storytellers’ various needs: 


We believe that great stories are not only about transformation. They are the outcome of a profound and honest process of transformation.

Knowing the difficulties storytellers encounter dealing with complex narratives of fiction and non-fiction, we have established a service offering hands-on dramaturgy assistance aimed at nourishing productive and creative working processes. Following years of experience, working with film directors, editors, producers, production houses and screenwriters, we at Mrs. Wulf Story Consulting have developed a unique method of story analysis and guidance, which we refer to as Transformational Storytelling. With this approach we offer Story, Theme, Character, Plot and Process Navigation Consulting, helping directors, screenwriters, editors, producers and production houses deal with the challenges of complex storytelling.

In the next months we will be offering a ‘taster’ mini consulting service ‘What is my story really about?‘. The service helps storytellers ‘decipher’ the DNA of their story and provide insights and written recommendations, including the answer to the age old question: ‘What is my story about?’

In addition, Mrs Wulf also offers character and plotting consulting, Rough Cut Analysis, development assistance, script doctoring, and storyteller guidance.

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