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The Beemgee Software-Assisted Developmental Content Editing Package

One of the most time consuming processes in publishing is structural (or developmental) editing. 

Save weeks of work with Beemgee.

For a structured plot with thoroughly developed characters, book the unique Beemgee software-supported developmental editing package. You will receive:

  • 12 months Beemgee Premium for your author
  • Online access to your author’s Beemgee project
  • Up to three developmental editing sessions for your author (telephone or online call)
  • A detailed step outline – the step by step scene breakdown of the story
  • A better manuscript from your author!

Our editorial team has years of publishing experience and profound knowledge of storytelling principles. Combined with Beemgee Premium functionality for your author – you’ll publish a novel with greater chances of success.

How does it work?

Let Beemgee take care of the story development with the author.

  1. Book the structural editing package for your author
  2. We enable Beemgee Premium for that author
  3. The author fills in the PLOT outline and the CHARACTER sheets for each major character
  4. Beemgee editors analyse the story, identify strengths and weaknesses of its plot structure and character development, and point out to the author very specific aspects of the story that could be improved

At no point does the Beemgee editorial team need to see the full text manuscript! We work solely on the basis of the Beemgee project and what the author tells us.

Whatever the genre or style, Beemgee makes the story better by providing a clearer understanding of what makes it work. We concentrate on key structural elements, paying most attention to how the reader will be emotionally involved by the narrative.

How does the story improve?

  • Structure: Formal narrative structure – a clear plot
  • Characters: Their motivations, goals and weaknesses are more compelling and dramaturgically sound
  • Reader: Focus on the emotional journey of the reader

Benefits for publishers.

This software-supported developmental editing service is unique to Beemgee. And it works for all narrative content, including any fiction and most memoirs.

  • Fast – we’ll provide the author with specific, precise and hands-on advice within days of receiving the project
  • Provides deeper insight – the editor and the whole publishing team can see exactly what story the author is going to deliver
  • Solves story problems – structural improvement means: no saggy middle, clearly defined plot points, no loose ends, etc.

The manuscript the author hands in will be structurally more sound than without this developmental editing help. Which will save a lot of time during text editing.

  • Save time!
  • Receive better manuscripts that require less work
  • Take care of your authors by offering them this extra
  • Give anyone from your team early access to the specifics of the content
  • Pass on the detailed step outline to your sales and marketing teams
  • Use the Beemgee project as a sales tool for selling rights (foreign rights or media, such as film)

Try it and see the difference!

The time the process takes depends on the author. As soon as the author supplies a fairly complete Beemgee project, we can get to work. Within days we will provide the author with specific hands-on advice to improve the story!

Phone: +4915146504773

Supplementary Terms and Conditions for Beemgee story advisory services.