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B2B – Beemgee to Business

Publishers and other creative industries use Beemgee for various aspects of story development and early-stage content creation. Reach out to us! We’re happy to help you streamline your story development and make life easier for your producers/editors and authors.

Here are seven different processes we can make more efficient:


Filming a book? Adapting a game? Stage play of a novel?
There is no better tool for breaking down a story into its component parts and putting it back together again to suit the needs of another medium.

Author Care

Offer your authors added value.
Provide writers with a professional story development tool that helps them create better stories faster.

Story Evaluation

Help your team discover suitable material.
Provide your editors with a professional story evaluation tool that makes it easier to recognise great stories.

Commissioning Stories

Help your editorial team brief authors efficiently and effectively.
High level of content-specific detail, ownership of the project, and monitoring of project development.

Story Development and Doctoring

Help your team work on story material with the authors.
Pinpoint story weaknesses, communicate highly specific suggestions for improvements, and monitor authors’ progress.

Calls for Stories

Ask Beemgee users for the stories you need.
Receive easy-to-evaluate proposals. 5 minutes per project are enough to understand the story mechanics and to know whether to follow up.

Collaborative Online Writing Rooms

Help the show-runner, monitor progress.
Give author teams the tools to create great stories, wherever each author happens to be. Story development from the idea to the narrative, for series or stand-alones.

What to expect

  • Story Outlines!
  • An easy-to-use online story development tool for employees and external authors
  • Enhanced communicability of story specifics
  • In-depth evaluation and on-point improvement of stories
  • Help and support from the Beemgee team whenever needed
  • On-demand development of requested features

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Our customers include publishing companies belonging to the Bonnier and Holtzbrinck groups.

Are your editors under time pressure? Our story consultants can help. Ask about our one-on-one editing service: software-assisted developmental content editing.