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Translation and Localization Service

For Authors:

Fancy an additional revenue stream?
Want your book on the biggest book market in Europe?

Word to Word AgencyYou’ve published your books in English and would now like to find new readers in a whole new market? Have your book translated into German! The German speaking region consists of Germany, Austria, and parts of Switzerland. That’s over 100 million potential buyers of your book!

Together with our partner the Word to Word Agency, we now offer software-supported translations and localizations. Word to Word is a Berlin-based agency that specializes in translations and localizations. 

You want to remain independent and publish your book yourself? Then our service may be just what you need. We offer software-assisted translations and localizations, supervised by experienced editors and proofreaders. We can get your translation onto the German-speaking book platforms. And we can even help you promote your book on social media in German.

Use this unique opportunity to bring your book to the German-speaking market, the biggest in Europe.

The packages

Package 1: Translation only

We produce a software-assisted translation of your book that is linguistically, grammatically and orthographically flawless. A translation that strikes the right tone for the target audience and genre––one that reads well. A translation that has been edited and checked by a professional editor. A translation that is good in every respect. 

The full monty package 2: Translation Plus.
Cover, platforms, and social media service.

We produce the translation of your book as described in package 1. We can also adapt the cover for the German market, get your book onto the German language platforms and into bookstores and, as an additional option, provide a basic social media package (which includes help with the translation of social media posts and interactions with fans for a defined time period). 

For Publishers:


Remember how Clint Eastwood became famous through A Fistful of Dollars?

That western was a localization by Sergio Leone of Akira Kurosawa’s samurai movie Yojimbo. A sword-wielding ronin became a gunslinger. A more modern example might be the US version of the British comedy series of The Office – the pilot episode was a localisation in that it maintained the same story with a comparable set of characters, just in a different country.

We can now offer you AI-assisted localization of your books. We translate your books into German, adapting the setting, plot, characters, and other details to the German-language market. The result is your stories with the locations, characters, and local colour such as food or clothes transferred to the German-speaking target market, the action transported to Germany/Austria/Switzerland. For example, a regional thriller set in the Lake District region might become a crime series set in Allgovia, a region in Swabia in southern Germany. Your novels will be checked, edited and proofread by experienced editors. See for yourself how international your regional stories can be.


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