Character Developer

The Beemgee Character Developer works by asking you a series of questions specifically designed to help you find the dramatic function of the characters in your story. Unlike other character sheets, we don’t focus on factors extrinsic to the dramaturgy of the plot, such as the color of the character’s eyes. Instead, your answers help you define those aspects of character that directly influence the story. This has a lot to do with the motivations of each character, and the decisions they take in reaction to problems and obstacles.

The questions are posed in a carefully designed order. They help you

  • focus on attributes that determine the plot (from the external problem that provides the inciting incident to a prized possession and what happens if that is taken away from the character)
  • define the attributes that give the character depth, from the internal problem to what it is that the character learns by the end of the story
  • take a step back and see, for example, how the audience might react to each major character
  • note aspects of characterisation, from core emotion to quirks, and find their relevance for the story

Go through these question honestly for each main character and you’ll have composed your plot. Because you can know the action of your story only when you know what the characters do and why they do it.

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You answer each question individually per character in the DEVELOP view. To compare and contrast the answers for all main characters, switch to the  COMPARE view.

Status: Live