Emotional Trajectory

Ideally, a narrative has a wave pattern. What keeps the audience emotionally involved is accompanying the characters on their journeys, which are full of ups and downs. Things may seem to be going well at the end of one scene – a plot event might bode well or end on an optimistic note. But then a reversal may occur, something doesn’t work out as the character intended, and the next plot event or scene ends on a pessimistic or downbeat note. Set how each plot event ends, positive or negative, upwards or downwards, with this PREMIUM function. This will make each card move up or down a little while the function is active. If the resulting timeline is wavy, going up and down, then that is a good indicator that your narrative will be emotionally gripping. If longer stretches of your narrative are all up or all down, you might want to consider bringing more emotional variation into your plot. Because if everything goes too well and easily for your characters, the audience may lose interest. On the other hand, if there is never a sign of hope, your audience may become to depressed to continue.

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