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Beemgee is a powerful, easy way to develop your story ideas into an emotional experience for the audience.

For authors wanting to write compelling stories, our outlining tool is web-based software that makes the story development process more efficient and improves the quality of the story.

Make your narrative structure and character motivations so engaging that your audience will be engrossed.

Outline Your Story

For authors, developing stories is at least as important as writing them.

Beemgee enables you to organise your ideas and your vision into a structured narrative. This powerful outlining tool is used by novelists and filmmakers all over the world.

Whether you’re plotter or pantser, before or after the first draft: Structure a powerful plot – develop captivating characters driven by strong wants and needs.

Learn The Craft

Get contextual story development help when you need it.

A huge resource of in-depth information and guidance is available from wherever you are in the tool, be it working on characters, plot, or pitch.

The clear structure of the tool gives you freedom to explore and harness your creativity. Using it, you’ll also be learning the craft of dramaturgy – directly as you develop your own story material. 

Pitch Your Project

Share access to your story at any stage of development with a co-author, editor, producer, etc.

Download unique character sheets that provide deep understanding of the narrative by focusing on the inherent dramatic function of the character in the plot. 

Export the Step Outline as the scene by scene treatment. Download the manuscript document that includes all scene details to write your story! 

Join us in a quick walk-thru of our storytelling tool.

Super easy to use and fun too.

Petra Sammer

Author of "Storytelling" and "What's your Story?"

It’s great! I’ve been recommending it to all my writer friends. It has changed the way I write and I’m accomplishing so much more now.

Renee Scattergood

Dark Speculative Fiction Author

Your software really does help me sink my teeth into my scripts and examine them forensically – almost at an atomic level and then build them up point by point, facet by facet.

Lee Frank


Beemgee helps you think deeply about the elements that go into a good story. There are tons of resources available to make sure you understand each story element and how it works in your story.

If you’ve ever wanted a writing advisor giving you tips on the technical elements that go into creating a great story, Beemgee is your answer.

Kathy Edens

Blogger, ghost writer, and content master. Author of "The Novel-Writing Training Plan".

Beemgee has grown from a character development app to a fully fledged plotting tool.

Matthias Matting


The internal logic of a story is magical, like the structure of a spiders web. Beemgee is a wonderful tool to explore and get to grips with this complexity.

Amos Ponger

Editor and documentary filmmaker / “Two or three things I know about him”

I was surprised how much Beemgee helped us sharpen the profiles of the characters in our game. The easy interface is great, the info tips behind the question marks make it possible for a novice storyteller like me to find out about the basics of storytelling technique. All in all, a very cool tool you’ve built there.

Niklas Bothe

CEO Bearhands / Creators of Grand Values: Monaco

Great for reminding you of the basics, and preventing you from getting bogged down in unimportant details. Beemgee really helps you figure out how your story can be dramatically powerful and make logical sense at the same time.

Andrea Katzenberger

Screenwriter / Director – “Peppercorns”, “4 against Z”, “How to bake yourself a guy”

Figuring out the plot is not my favourite part of writing. But you can’t write a story without a plot. Beemgee has helped me sort out my ideas and capture moments of inspiration, indeed to overcome writer’s block. It’s an aid to structuring my work, and is highly recommended even for pantsers, those authors who write by the seat of their pants.

T. A. Wegberg

Novelist, author of Memory Error

It’s genius!

Briony Hanson

Director Film / British Council


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