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This blog is about storytelling and story development. We examine how fiction works and what stories really consist of, concentrating especially on plot and character development. Many of the posts are inspired by functions and features of our outlining software. It’s all about the craft of creating stories. 

The great film director Sidney Lumet once said, “Story is language and structure.” The articles in this blog are about dramaturgy and story structure. You’ll find little on style and language.

This blog is not called “How to write a bestseller” or “How to script a blockbuster”. We prescribe no specific methods, nor do we believe there is such a thing as a guaranteed formula for success.

Beemgee focuses on story development, which for us means the composition of plot and the dramatic function of characters. We dig deep into the many aspects of storytelling.

We believe there is a great deal of craft in art. Like dancers or musicians, good authors make it look so easy – when actually there is a lot of hard work and technique involved, which one can only learn through analysis and practice.

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We like questions and suggestions. We also publish guest posts. Write us: blog@beemgee.com.

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