Cards View Option

Beemgee presents plot event cards on a HORIZONTAL TIMELINE deliberately: so that you can see the structure of your narrative, get an easy overview of the various attributes of your plot in the grid, and see how they are dispersed across the timeline with the HIGHLIGHTer. You adjust the view size by zooming in and out, and you move the timeline by just grabbing it and pulling it left or right.

Nonetheless, some of you have suggested that the more familiar way of presenting cards – that they fill the screen by being presented not in one line but in several – might be easier for you.

Such a multi-line view would entail that STRUCTURE MARKERS would have to be handled differently. Also, it would be more difficult to present the information you have attributed to each of the plot event cards (CHARACTERS taking part, LOCATION, MOTIFS, STORYLINES, etc.) in the grid below the cards.

To keep things simple and not clutter the screen, we might offer the option “fill screen”, which would break the timeline and let the cards run onto a next line as soon as the right-hand edge of the screen has been reached. We would probably present this view with all attributes turned off automatically, i.e. without structure markers or further information visible. You would, of course, still be able to drag and drop cards in both the sort orders, CHRONOLOGY and NARRATIVE.


Status: Coming real soon

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