Plot Outliner

The heart of the PLOT area in Beemgee is the outliner. Here you create as many plot event cards as you need for your story. For most authors, each card represents one plot event. Some authors work with a beat sheet. The cards are like index cards on a cork board, with the added benefits that you can

  • sort them with drag and drop into narrative or chronology order, then switch between the two
  • enrich events with dozens of items of information, i.e. specific attributes of the event such as the location
  • see the events highlighted or filtered when you search for particular attributes (such as show only the events featuring a particular character)

Using these virtual cards to represent events is like pinning index cards to a wall. Clicking into the detail view of a plot event (Premium function) is like looking at a card up close and finding every single bit of information you ever needed about this plot event. Zooming out of the timeline is like taking a step back from the wall and seeing your entire story structure, particularly useful when you have the structure marker on (Premium function).

Better yet, in the sidebar you’ll find all the plot attributes, which when you click them turns on the grid below the plot event cards. Each line in the grid either shows the information you have entered for each attribute, for example storyline, point of view, or location. You can open the grid line for editing.

The grid principle allows you to quickly assign attributes to events. You can also compare the plot events by attribute. In combination with the highlight feature, you can check for instance the dispersal of your motifs, and much more.

Status: Live