Step Outline Text View

Your Step Outline is the scene by scene breakdown of your entire story as copy text. It is a complete synopsis of the narrative, and includes each plot event.

Writing a summary of a story such as a treatment can be harder than writing the story itself. Yet publishers and producers often require it. With our nifty STEP OUTLINE feature we make creating a synopsis or treatment much easier. What you do is write one or two sentences per plot event in the DESCRIPTION modus of the plot outlining tool – in the plot outliner you can concentrate on each event, one card at a time, and see each in context, to get the description just right.

The STEP OUTLINE function puts all of the texts you write per individual event card in the DESCRIPTION function together in the narrative order as one continuous text. You can edit the copy text in STEP OUTLINE and the changes you make will automatically be carried over to each DESCRIPTION text in the particular card.


With a PREMIUM account, you can set the STEP OUTLINE to detail view.

Read more about step outlines here.

Status: Live