Event Descriptions

When you work with plot event cards, you give each card a name or title that is as short as possible, probably less than ten words. These few words represent what happens in a particular scene or plot event – they stand for the event as an identifier or scene title.

The DESCRIPTION function gives you more space. Use it to describe in one or two full sentences (usually in the present tense) the action of each event. If you share your project with somebody – a co-author, an editor or producer – these descriptions will convey how each plot event moves the story along.

Better yet, the STEP OUTLINE feature puts all the sentences in each DESCRIPTION text together in the narrative order of events as one continuous copy text. That gives you a complete synopsis of your entire story, scene by scene, beat by beat.

The Step Outline is particularly fetching as a print out (here including details). Furthermore, it is the perfect basis for your treatment, so you will want to save it as an .rtf text file. These export options are PREMIUM features.

Status: Live