Tag Character Attributes to Plot

Many authors begin by developing the characters, because when you’ve nailed them, you’ve pretty much got your plot too. The challenge is transposing all that you have discovered about your characters into plot events.

The Premium function ATTRIBUTES is the bridge between characters and plot. It lists the dramaturgically relevant character attributes from the character builder so that you can tag your plot events with EXTERNAL PROBLEM, WANT, GOAL, and all the rest right up to CHOICE.

Tip: You might want to FILTER your main characters and then tag the plot events for one character at a time. Is there a plot event that conveys every character attribute? Have you created a plot that really brings across your hero or heroine as you conceived her?

You can also tag a plot event as conveying SETTING or THEME.

And that’s not all.

You can edit the text fields! 

That means you can create and name your own attribute tags. So if you have your own system or process, go to it! Beemgee is adaptable.


Status: Live