.rtf Text Exports

When you’ve done planning, you’ll want to start executing. The analogy: you’ve got all your note cards stuck to the wall above your desk, so you know how your narrative is structured. Now you roll the first sheet of paper into the typewriter and start writing.

Export the texts out of your Beemgee project in as an .rtf document and open it in the writing software of your choice, probably some form of word processing text editor such as Word or Scrivener.

Choose between exporting the event DESCRIPTIONs, i.e. the STEP OUTLINE only, in order to use this text as the basis for your treatment.

Or export the DESCRIPTIONs along with all the plot details such as which characters take part in this scene, what’s the location, and what writing cautions did I note. This document provides the perfect basis for your manuscript. You won’t even need to look at the “wall above your desk”, because all the information is already there in the document. All you have to do now is start writing!


The other export format we offer is PDF.

Status: Live