Intro Tour

The Beemgee tool is by now quite mighty. It’s three tools in one, the tools are linked, there are various views for each, and dozens of features and functions. Even Beemgee Free is powerful; Beemgee Premium even moreso.

While we’ve designed each view and feature to keep it minimal and easy to use, and made every effort to keep the tool uncluttered, we have found that some storytellers do not immediately recognise all the things you can do with Beemgee.

So we’ve built an introductory guided tour.

This free feature won’t get in the way of your working on your plot, characters or step outline – it will highlight some of the functions and allow you to check them out whenever you’re ready.

You can turn the guide on and off as you like in the global menu, in your profile if you have a Beemgee account.

Tour on and off in the global menu

Status: Live