Pitch like a pro!
The pitching categories in the Story Information section of the Step Outline are:

  • Genre
  • Audience
  • Similar to …
  • Period setting
  • Synopsis
  • Blurb

These fields are there to help you provide industry professionals with the information they need in order to decide whether your story is of the kind they can invest in.

But even if you don’t want to pitch your project, it might help you understand your story better if you, for example, define your genre or consider your target audience, name the time period in which it is set, or think about other stories it might be compared with.

And by popular demand you can add, next to your logline, a story synopsis as well as a blurb to your step outline.

All of these information fields are fully exportable in the rtf text export as well as the PDF exports, for use in proposals or in a manuscript document.

Status: Live