Why the Story?

Five years ago, three guys met at a notary’s office in a rather run-down part of Berlin.

They had decided to found a company, and on this day were making the declaration official – although they had no backing and no product. Why?

The circumstances of each of the three guys were quite different. One was employed, the other already ran his own business, the third had just left his job. Two were techies, one was the content guy, the one with the idea.

Looking back on it, what they had in common was the desire for a sense of purpose. Each of them wanted their working life to follow a vision, rather than a loop.

For let’s face it, most work is repetitive. You end up going through the same motions again and again, whatever they are.

But found your own company and you’re aiming at something. You’re pursuing a vision. You set yourselves goals, milestones. You have an ideal state you wish to achieve. And probably no idea what you’re letting yourself in for.

In short, when you found a company you become the protagonist in your own story. 

Five years down the line and the company is more or less established, has a few additional partners (great to have you with us!), financial backing (thank you!), a Premium product (whoop!), and thousands of customers all over the world (yeah!). The founders have a few grey hairs more – and it’s hard to know how much nearer they are to achieving their dream. Somehow the goal seems to shift, an elusive vision.

As a founder, your situation is changing all the time. You reach one milestone only to be faced with the next. You surmount one obstacle and are immediately challenged by another. You’re living a story, with all the highs and lows, wants and needs, allies and opponents. From within the narrative, it’s not easy to see where the plot is headed.

But maybe the pursuit of the goal is more the point than actually reaching it. Certainly, each of us has learned loads. The journey has taken us far out of our erstwhile comfort zones and into territories new and exciting. Each of us has grown. And each of us is still filled with the desire to create not just a neat author software, but a great tool for all storytellers.

Looking forward to where the journey will take us in the next five years, hopefully with all of you free and premium customers, partners, backers, supporters and followers. With deep appreciation to all the storytellers who have joined us along the way.

Olaf, Robert and Samir

PS: To see how we’re celebrating, have a look at the new set of features we brought out to mark our anniversary!

We envision a world in which anyone and everyone can conceive and compose emotionally effective stories. We built Beemgee to enable you to develop narratives that spellbind your audience. How did we do?

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