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Coaching Authors at Leipzig Book Fair 2017

Beemgee is holding free coaching sessions for authors at the Leipzig Book Fair 2017.

Submit your story outline by the 18th of March 2017. All you have to do is send us your Beemgee project. You stand a good chance of winning one of our 8 coaching slots of 40 minutes each!
We’ll give you free advice, tips and tricks about your story structure that will help you make your plot more dramatic and your characters more engaging – in person, live at the fair. Our help will focus on how you want to develop the material, whatever the genre or format.

What you have to do to win this prize:
Outline your story as a Beemgee project. It doesn’t matter whether you do this with a FREE project (TRY FOR FREE on www.beemgee.com) or with a PREMIUM account. Your content may be in English or in German. Your outline must have:

Send us an e-mail including the link to your project and your name to: story@beemgee.com. Alternatively, send the e-mail directly out of the web-app using the share function.

First come, first served: The first 5 entries that match the criteria will receive a coaching session at the Leipzig Book Fair. We will pick the winners of the next 3 slots based on our own preferences!
The sessions will take place on 24.03.2017 (Friday) in the afternoon and on 25.03.2017 (Saturday) in the morning. We will contact the winners to arrange the appointments. The winners must be attending the Leipzig Book Fair – the prize does not include fair tickets or travel expenses.

The sessions are being held by Beemgee and Schreibhain in English or German.

Start outlining your story now. Click to open our free web-tool:

After the event – 

Ingo Hampe, one of the coaching session winners, with one of the Beemgee founders, Olaf Bryan Wielk.
Author Ingo Hampe, one of the coaching session winners, with coach Olaf Bryan Wielk, one of the Beemgee founders.


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