Highlight and Filter (i.e. find) Your Plot Input

You enrich your plot event cards with all sorts of information, for instance which CHARACTERS take part or what STORYLINE this event is a part of.

Now click the FILTER button in the tool bar. Select, for example, one of the characters or a storyline. This highlights each plot event card that matches your selection in the timeline, giving you an overview of the distribution of that particular character or storyline. That helps you notice if your B-plot is bunching, or your protagonist disappears in the second half of the story.

And should you want to work, for example, solely on one character or one storyline at a time, all you have to do is set the switch from highlight to filter. You will then see only the cards that match your selection. Perfect for working out the dramaturgy of a single storyline, one subplot at a time, or the arc of each character individually.

You can highlight and filter:

  • Characters
  • Location
  • Storylines (subplots)
  • Point of View
  • Motifs
  • and more
– Search, Highlight and Filter Your Input.

– The Highlight function allows you to check the dispersal of, for example, a motif in the story. With the Filter function you can isolate, for example, a storyline out of the entire plot.

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