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The Writer’s Craft Super Stack.

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Here is a resource that can help you hone your writing skills.

The Writer’s Craft Super Stack is crammed with over 50 ecourses, software trials, ebooks, and coupons. They include:

  • 19 Exceptional E-courses and Masterclasses ($2,170.00 value): These courses will teach you everything you need to finish your first novel, develop memorable characters in just seven steps, or create your first picture books.
  • 19 Bestselling Ebooks ($272.73 value): Learn how to use conflict to write a pageturner, master the art of productivity for writers, and jumpstart a stuck novel in just 10 days!
  • 8 Premium Software Resources ($469.94 value), including Beemgee PREMIUM plus our own E-course: Make technology work for you. These software tools will help you keep track of tricky plot details, devise flexible story outlines, and even land book reviews.
  • 3 Must-Have Publishing Discounts ($800.00 value): Get feedback from a professional editor on your manuscript, enjoy professional ebook formatting, and treat your book to the gorgeous cover it deserves!
  • And tons more!

It’s worth an eye-watering $4,162.61.

But this week, you can get everything for only $49.

This Stack goes into retirement forever after Thursday 26th March, 2020.

Take a look, and, if it feels like the right fit for you, pick up your own copy before this deal expires.

Click here to learn more about this limited-time deal:

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