Start outlining. Fill in the blanks and create your unique and complete story in six easy steps.

{{}}'s world is {{shelly.setting.value}}. 
One day, {{shelly.external_problem.value}}. 
Then {{}} wants to {{shelly.want.value}}. 
As a consequence, {{}} {{shelly.action.value}}. 
Until at last, {{}} {{shelly.change.value}}. 

Well done! You've just sketched the bare bones of a complete story. Want to flesh it out? Start the free Beemgee outlining tool to compose the story in depth and detail.

BETA-GAME: A Story in Six

The little game above brings together six of the most consequential aspects of your story:

  1. the protagonist
  2. the setting
  3. the inciting incident
  4. character motivation
  5. character action
  6. character transformation

The paragraph of text you end up with is a synopsis of your entire plot (you might want to copy it and save it somewhere for future reference).

So go ahead, create a complete and unique story by answering just six simple questions. All you have to do is type brief answers into the text fields that appear as you proceed.

When you’ve answered the questions, click the red button. You’ll find your character answers in the appropriate places in the Beemgee project that opens.*

Enjoy this gamified entry into our sophisticated story tool. Try it now and see your story grow!


* Note that for Setting and Character Change a Beemgee Premium account is required.

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