What authors say about Beemgee

“I am contemplating my 12th novel. I’m hopeful it will be my best because of the marvellous tools inside Beemgee.”

“Such great service. I’m enjoying exploring Beemgee. I love the ?. It provides so much valuable information, it’s like taking a graduate level class. You provide a great deal of helpful story development advice. I think I’m addicted.”

“Thanks again for all the work you invested to produce such a great story development tool.”

“A good tool to make a pantser plot!”

“I think your site is brilliant.”

“This one is outlining way better than any other story I’ve outlined. I’m going to assume this is in part due to using Beemgee. Best tool I’ve ever used.”

“Thank you for this awesome platform. I really enjoy working with it. … I really like beemgee because it makes writing complex stories a hell of a lot easier.”

“Your resource is amazing. What an amazing tool. I’m … now very much a fan of this new software. Although I write using Scrivener, I can see how I can do all my planning through Beemgee, and then slide everything into Scrivener.”

“It was exciting to discover Beemgee. It was like light at the end of the tunnel for me, a guide I so needed.”

“I am very impressed with what I have seen so far.”

“I’ve just started using Beemgee and I’m really enjoying the Character developer features …”

“You aim to have Beemgee ‘clutter free and easy to use’, which I very much appreciate. I like the character overview …”

“It’s a great tool.”

“This is my 2nd rewrite and using this software has helped me to develop a better villain.”

“I must say, I had a blast doing the character development. It was particularly fun doing my evil ones.”

“Beegmee got me excited, my novel can be polished to a better state.”

“I’ve signed up to try out the free version of Beemgee. I really like it…”

“This is a great program! I love all the character questions you ask — it really got me thinking about my characters and forced me to create more nuance with them and create scenes to show more details about their growth through the book — Really Fantastic!!
Thanks so much!”

“I am enjoying using your software, it is organising my ramblings quite nicely.”

“I realise I have gained something worthwhile. … Once I got into it I moved right along. … I did learn quite a bit.”

“I am saving up to buy your software in the future. It is a good product.”

“It has kickstarted me to try to put some flesh on my act III, so hard to outline when you are a natural pantser.”

“Well, this is definitely one of the best outlines I’ve done. I’m going to keep working on it because I still need to tie up all the ends.”

“Your team really convinced me that they know what they are doing. … Best wishes with beemgee – it really ‘got’ me.”

“It is a great product!”

“I feel my novel has benefited already from using your software as is and feel that my other novel … would also be improved by using your software despite it being in the editing phase already.”

“I used Beemgee’s pre-versions for all my stories and like it. Laying down a rough plan and details about the characters allows me to continue writing at any time.”

“I love this tool!”

“I love Beemgee.”

“The software really helped me understand things about my characters that I hadn’t realised.”

We also loved this dialog in the Facebook group:

“I just discovered the filter thing when working with plots. This has made life so much better.”
“Um, filter thing?”
“Yeah, say you want to see all the plot events that have a specific character or storyline in. When you’re in plot screen there’s a filter tab along the top. You tell it what you want it to search for, and it only shows you cards with that character or storyline in. Genius. :-)”
“Oh, that is cool! Thank you!”
“I didn’t see it until now but it’s really useful.”

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