How to make the most of Beemgee

Best practices to get the most out of this powerful author tool. 

Welcome to Beemgee, the browser-based app that helps you get to grips with YOUR STORY. Follow the advice below to fully enjoy the Beemgee experience.

Dos and Don’ts

Do log in to Beemgee before working on a Beemgee project. Go to any page and click LOGIN in the top menu – or bookmark this link:

Do use the Global Menu (button top left) and choose the project you want to work on under “All Stories”.

Do log out after every session, and then close the project window! That’s right, don’t be surprised to see your project still open after you have logged out – it is possible to view Beemgee projects even if you are not registered. This means you can send your project link to friends, colleagues and collaborators. More about this below. 

If you have not registered and therefore don’t have a Beemgee account yet to log in to, you can get one here free: SIGN UP.

DO NOT keep one project open in two or more tabs or windows or devices simultaneously! Since the tool always saves the newest version of a project, keeping the same project open in several tabs at the same time means that one tab may overwrite the contents of the other.

Do show your project to somebody else by sending them the project link (button top right). We enable basic collaboration with the easy share function. Set the project’s permission before sending so you can decide if the recipient may make changes to the project. It’s often a good idea to share a copy of the project rather than your original master project. Do see the point above about working simultaneously, and choose carefully who to share with (do think twice about posting project links on social media).

More how-tos here.


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